French Immersion

The French Immersion program should enable students to become proficient in the French language as well as in English. French Immersion begins in grade one and is intended for students whose parents do not have a French background but would like their children to become fluent in French. Although the curriculum is the same as in the English language program, the language of instruction is French. By completing the elementary program and an additional ten secondary French courses, a student should achieve a level of confidence in the French language to allow him or her to study French language university or college courses, accept employment where the working language is French, live in a French community and participate in French conversation. The program is offered at eleven elementary schools and six secondary schools across the region.

Registration for grade one French Immersion is accepted any time after the February open house, held annually at 7:00 p.m., the first Wednesday of the month at each of the elementary schools offering the program. For more information, please view or download the Durham District School Board French Immersion: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers (pdf) brochure. You may contact the board's French Facilitator at (905) 666-6389 for more information or for a copy of the guide.

If you are unable to attend the Parent's Information Night held at all French Immersion schools in February (Wednesday, February 6, 2013), there will be another opportunity to find out about our French Immersion program at the Education Centre, 400 Taunton Road East in Whitby on Thursday, April 25, 2013 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. No registration is required for this session.

Meetings will be held at the following schools:


The Durham District School Board also holds a central French Immersion Parent's Information Night at the Education Centre on the last Thursday of April of every year (April 25, 2013). Please contact your FI school in your area for further information about registration.

Find the French Immersion School where your child should register.

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We have two resources currently available:

Treasure Chest for Families New to French Immersion and,
Fun in French CD
which have been developed and are meant to be of assistance during the first few years of your child's education. These are designed to be an easy reference whenever you require a "quick fix" for yourself or your child. They will help take away the "foreign" feeling F.I. parents first feel when they embark on the journey of giving their children the gift of bilingualism.

The curriculum expectations for French Immersion are available on the Ministry of Education website.

Canadian Parents for French
Interested parents are welcome to visit the website of the Durham Chapter of Canadian Parents for French (CPF)

CPF Ontario, provides materials on French Immersion and other FSL programs in sixteen languages to better serve the communities of diverse ethnicity in the Greater Toronto Area. By clicking on the flashing multilingual "Welcome" on the homepage (top left hand corner in the title bar) you will have access to information on French Immersion and other FSL programs in Arabic, Chinese (simple), Farsi, Filipino, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Tamil, and Vietnamese.

French Immersion Schools

Program Information:
Frenchman's Bay Public School
Sir John A. Macdonald Public School
Cadarackque Public School
Romeo Dallaire Public School
Southwood Park Public School
Brooklin Village Public School    
Captain Michael VandenBos Public School
Julie Payette Public School
Gertrude Colpus Public School
Walter E. Harris Public School
Uxbridge Public School
R.H. Cornish Public School
McCaskill's Mills Public School
Pickering & Ajax:
Ajax High School
Pickering High School
Sinclair Secondary School
R.S. McLaughlin C.V.I.
Uxbridge Secondary School
Scugog & Brock:
Port Perry High School